The year 2021 was not an easy year for a lot of countries, including 印尼. The ongoing pandemic has had a substantial impact on various areas, especially on the economy. 2021年底, the situation has started to look up thanks to an aggressive mass vaccination program and successful pandemic control measures.

类似于经济复苏的情况, it appears that many of the respondents have successfully dealt with and navigated the pandemic’s effect. Fifty-eight per cent of the respondents in Business Climate Survey 2022 have confirmed profitability in 2021, 比去年的50%略高.

日博备用网站作为一个创新国家的品牌形象, 高质量的, and sustainable products and services is believed to contribute to Swedish companies’ businesses in 印尼; 58 per cent believe the brand image significantly contributes, 21%的人认为这是部分原因.

The majority of the respondents from the survey this year still believe that their customers are limited in taking environmental aspects into account when making purchasing decisions. 然而, 如果我们将今年的调查结果与往年进行比较, we can observe that more companies see environmental aspects as more influential than ever.

This report aims to learn from the experience of these companies and understand how they view the current business climate in 印尼. We hope that the insights they share will be of great value to any Swedish company that is exploring the 印尼n business opportunity.

Please download the report to fully overview the results with a detailed analysis. 


团队日博备用网站, 由日博备用网站商务和日博备用网站驻雅加达大使馆组成, has conducted this fifth edition of the Business Climate Survey with Swedish companies in 印尼. The Business Climate Survey is a tool developed by 团队日博备用网站 to acquire first-hand insights from present Swedish companies to review business trends, 问题, 以及各自日博备用网站面临的挑战.

This survey was carried out in March – April 2022 and distributed to 48 Swedish companies present in the market; a total of 19 respondents and a response rate of 40 per cent was achieved.

确保有价值和可靠的见解, the surveys were sent to company representatives at the level of Country or Regional Managers or other executives with similar roles. This report portrays the views from these Swedish companies as well as analysis and information based on 团队日博备用网站 findings.

We would like to extend our gratitude to the participating companies who have contributed to this report and look forward to continuing our collaboration going forward.